3 Must-Haves Every Business Needs to Reach New Clients and Stay in Front of Their Current Ones

August 19, 2021

3 Must-Haves Every Business Needs to Reach New Clients and Stay in Front of Their Current Ones

Since I began Ellen Grace Marketing, I have been fortunate enough to work with dozens of local businesses. Whether they are retailers, restaurants, artists, daycares, or non-profits, there is something fundamentally similar to them all—they want to reach new clients while staying relevant to their existing ones.

And, regardless of the industry, they all needed a few important things to accomplish this. The great thing is that these must-haves won’t cost you any money, just a little bit of your time to set up. Here are the top three things we recommend doing if you are building or looking to grow your online presence to reach new clients.

#1 – Fully Set-Up Your Social Profiles

Setting up your social media goes beyond simply creating a page with your business name. You will want to use these sites for all they can offer. Display your business hours, menu, specialties, or sign-up forms. Most people will focus on Instagram and Facebook, but depending on your business type and the goals you have in mind, Google My Business can prove to be a powerful social tool. LinkedIn works especially well for B2B and is a great platform for hiring and building relationships with vendors, suppliers, and other complementary businesses.

#2 – Add Fresh Content to Reach New Clients

Blogging on your website and posting relevant content on social media is an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to your store and/or website. It can build credibility, making you the trusted expert in your field. This will help you reach new clients and stay top-of-mind with your current ones.

Coming up with fresh content can feel overwhelming at times, but answering questions, highlighting a customer testimonial, or going behind the scenes are all great places to start. A few other ideas for great content include:

  • How to guides
  • Current trends
  • Meet the team
  • Testimonials or customer stories
  • Interviews
  • Behind the scenes
  • Tips and tricks
  • Products and services
  • Community information

Here at Ellen Grace Marketing, we offer professional content creation services. Working with our team ensures you will never have to worry about what to write about next!

#3 – Work Your Email List

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to not only stay in front of your audience but to drive action and sales. Many people will offer an incentive for signing up like a free download, educational resources, or a promotional offer for first-time customers to help grow their email list.

You’ll want to send regular (and interesting) marketing emails that focus on events, promotions, sales, and insights. Be sure to also create transactional emails that are sent based on customer actions. Think of welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and emails sent after opting-in.

Learn more about the benefits to building a strong email list here.

Staying in front of your ideal customer is a great way to drive traffic to your physical location and/or website. By thoroughly setting up your social profiles, sharing useful content, and creating regular emails to your growing list, you will see more traffic, interest, and ultimately sales.

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