We help business owners stay top of mind to their customers, improve engagement and strategically grow sales.

Marketing Plans & Business Strategies

What Clients Say

“Lyndsay is wonderful to work with.  She immerses herself in our data each month and continues to drive long term growth strategies as well as some quick wins.  Our marketing plans are cohesive, creative & thorough while directly supporting our sales growth by categories and sales channels.  She continues to help us deepen our relationship with the customer and supports our business goals.”

— Jamie Grobecker Co-Founder at Sugar Paper


We offer two different marketing service packages for our clients.

Full Service

This is for you if you are a business owner who wants a team behind the scenes to PLAN AND EXECUTE YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY to build your brand online, drive customers to your site and help to scale your business.

You thrive on partnership transparency, sharing business insights and seeing the results, but don’t want to be bogged down in the data and daily details on a regular basis.

A Sample of What’s Included

  • Annual marketing data analysis for your business
  • Quarterly reviews: strategic roadmap with deep analytics
  • Monthly content creation, curation, copywriting and graphics for platforms such as blogs, social media and email marketing
  • Social engagement on selected platforms: Instagram, Facebook/LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Community management and timely response on all social platforms
  • One-time lead magnet update and clean up of platforms including email template(s), Pinterest boards, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Email support from Ellen Grace and shared project management tool to track open items and documents

Marketing Roadmaps

Are you a business owner who wants help creating A CLEAR MARKETING PLAN that ties together all the moving parts of your business into a cohesive and effective roadmap?

Perhaps you have a small, but mighty team of people you can delegate tasks to, but you want to be confident in the direction you are pointing them (and your business) in.

A Sample of what’s included

  • Annual overview of your business to help prioritize goals and build out a formal marketing strategy
  • A 90 day strategic roadmap that includes:
    • High level plans to support internal milestones, external campaigns, core and new products/services
    • Cohesive guidance on how & when to communicate across each platform
    • Grouped into 30-day content plans for areas such as blogs, social media and email marketing
    • Defined roles to execute your custom plan based on your internal team
    • Detailed weekly and daily task lists for timely execution
  • Email support from Ellen Grace and shared project management tool to track open items and documents



Are your ready and motivated to improve your sales and profits, but are not fully confident in how to understand your Financial, Transactional and Marketing data to strategically grow your business?

We help you NAVIGATE YOUR BUSINESS DATA WITH CONFIDENCE, along with giving you recommendations and actions items, so that you can make smart decisions that impact the health, profitability and long-term success of your business.

We offer three monthly Business Clarity Packages

  • Business Clarity Financial
    • P&L review with analysis and sales forecasting & tracking
    • Data pulled from Accounting Software i.e. Quickbooks
  • Business Clarity Transactional
    • Scorecard monitoring customer transactions and identifying key segments, channels and products categories
    • Data pulled from e-commerce platforms and point of sale (POS) systems
  • Business Clarity Marketing
    • Scorecard understanding your marketing effectiveness and what’s driving ROI and customer engagement
    • Data pulled from email platforms, social media platforms and Google Analytics.


Wondering Which Package is right for you?

Book a discovery call to help determine whether Business Clarity, Full Service or Marketing Roadmaps will best support you and your business growth.