E.E.A.T.: The Tasty SEO Acronym That You Need to Know

November 02, 2023

Marketing Strategies

Recently, I was diving into Nina Gibson’s “Legacy Content Camp” and was reminded of the exceptionally useful SEO acronym: E.E.A.T. This catchy turn of phrase stands for experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Nina discussed these things as they relate to SEO and building legacy content, but I couldn’t help to think about how this acronym could and should be used across every touch point within a business’s marketing. After all, marketing is more than just attracting new customers. It’s about building trust, encouraging loyalty, and developing long-term relationships with your customers. 

What Is E.E.A.T Exactly?

According to Search Engine Journal, E.A.T., the more simplified version of the acronym,  is a quality metric that was created as it relates to SEO and whether or not a page a page is high-quality, making it helpful to users.

Google search quality evaluators were instructed to pay attention to:

• The expertise of the creator of the content.

• The authoritativeness of the creator of the content, the content itself, and the website.

• The trustworthiness of the creator of the content, the content itself, and the website.

Recently, an additional E was added for Experience – does the content creator have first-hand or real-world experience in the subject they are discussing?

Why You Need to E.E.A.T. 

E-E-A-T is a great way to build trust with Google. Here at Ellen Grace, we also see this as a great way to build trust in all aspects of your marketing. As business owners, we want to provide our followers, customers, and website visitors with high-quality, helpful content. Using this acronym E.E.A.T., you can make sure that not only are you creating content that is educational based on your first-hand experience, but it also lives in other places like social media posts, client testimonials on your website, in your white papers, or in case studies that dive deeper into how you supported your clients and customers and what that means for prospective new customers.

Using a Podcast to E.E.A.T. 

Last month, I shared a blog post that included many of my favorite podcasts. Sharing your expertise through this medium is another great way to consistently share your expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness with your audience. Podcasts offer a simple way to convey your message while providing an experience that makes it easy for the end user to implement within their own business.

Do you want to implement more of these important messages into your marketing? Whether you want to convey your experience, trustworthiness, expertise, or authority, our team can help you do things the right way. To learn more about building an SEO strategy, send us a message via the website, and be sure to follow on Instagram for more tips!