7 Reasons to Start a Blog for Your Business Right Now!

July 13, 2023

7 Reasons to Start a Blog for Your Business Right Now!

The one thing that is always true about marketing is that it is regularly evolving and changing. New platforms become available, new social media apps get released, and new tools like Airtable are created to better support our business and connect with our customers. But at the same time, even with all new things, I love that some things are tried and true and have a consistent and proven return on investment.

If you’re like my clients you’ve probably had to decide where to spend your time, energy, money, and resources when looking for ways to connect to your audience. Social media and e-mail marketing tend to be what people gravitate to, I’m a strong believer that blogs (when done correctly) can support your business in multiple ways, and for many years to come. Here are 7 reasons why you should set up a blog for your business right away!

A Blog Builds Credibility, Loyalty, and Trust

Just about anyone can turn their phone on, make a video, and claim to be an expert. But creating deep and informative, long-form content like a blog requires genuine expertise and depth behind what you’re saying. Blogs can be a great way to showcase how you’ve helped support clients in the past, sending the message that you can also do the same for them.

A Blog Will Increase Your Visibility

It can be hard to get traffic to your website. Just because you have a website does not mean that people will visit it. You need to fill your website with relevant content that is created with SEO in mind. Once you showcase your expertise, Google will get your content in front of those who are searching for it.

A Blog Will Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Website

Having a lot of traffic visit to your website is likely not the goal of your business. The goal should be to generate sales, conversions, and prospects. This can all be done by having high-quality, relevant traffic consistently coming to your website. They need to spend time there, and navigate through many pages of content – this can be where blogs play a huge role. With a blog, you can showcase the different ways you support your clients, while setting it up in a way that Google can understand. 

Quality Traffic Leads to Conversions

With quality traffic comes conversions. If you’re driving high-quality traffic to your website the likelihood that a conversion will follow is stronger. Conversions don’t have to be sales on your website. Conversions can be form fills, email sign-ups, or scheduling a meeting with you. 

Blog Content Can Easily Be Repurposed

One of my favorite things to do with blogs is to break them up into smaller chunks and share them across different platforms. Taking the time and energy that it requires to write a quality blog will not only provide you with the blog itself but also with tons of valuable content that you can share in different ways. I like to think of blogs as macro pieces of content that can be repurposed into many different micro pieces.

A Blog Will Help You to Better Understand Your Customer’s Needs

Each month, when I look at the analytics for my website, two blogs that I wrote years ago, continue to drive quality traffic to my website. What that tells me is those topics are important to my customers. Those become foundational pieces of new content ideas that I share on my blog, emails, and on social media. When you see people spending long amounts of time or at least longer than normal on your blog you can start to understand which topics are most relevant to them. 

Blogs Can Be Evergreen

This is the beauty of blogs. They can keep working for you month after month and year after year.  You can put the time and energy into a quality blog piece just once and continue to drive all of the previous 6 reasons for years to come. That’s a lot longer than your TikTok reels and social media stories are lasting these days!

If you want to learn more about developing a blog strategy that works for your business, schedule a free call with me to get the answers you need!