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What clients say.

image of Rachel working on her desk

“Lyndsay helped me create systems for planning, executing and evaluating our marketing efforts that I know we’ll be able to keep using. She helped me see where my efforts are paying off and identify ways to streamline and simplify.

Lyndsay is straightforward, professional, kind and smart. She’ll take what you’re doing and reflect it back to you, offering a proven method for streamlining your marketing with tools you can adapt and use going forward.”

– Rachel Kroh, Owner of Heartell Press

Natalie, Native Poppy

“I always look forward to my calls with Lyndsay both on strategy and analytics.  Our marketing is more effective marketing now and we are converting more potential customers into real clients. 

Knowing the facts is empowering! I used to have to guess what was working and how we were doing. But now, working with Ellen Grace Marketing we know where we stand as it relates to sales, marketing and our customers, which helps me not be so fearful to make decisions and can create a solid plan for the company moving forward.”

– Natalie Gill, Co-Owner of Native Poppy

Building a 90-Day Marketing Roadmap

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