3 Benefits of Hiring an Agency to Help with Your Marketing Needs

February 17, 2022

3 Benefits of Hiring an Agency to Help with Your Marketing Needs

As your business grows, you will likely have some questions regarding your marketing needs. Should you do it yourself, hire internally or outsource the work? 

What About a Combination of All Three?

It may surprise you to hear that I think a combination of these marketing tactics is best.   Don’t get me wrong, when you are first starting out and money is tight, you need to wear all the hats and will likely do it yourself.  But soon, it’s time to think bigger and ask for help in areas you either don’t like or just can’t keep up with in order to grow.

The Power of the Combination

Since our start in 2015, Ellen Grace Marketing has worked with many clients, in many different industries.  The ones who have seen continual growth as a result of their marketing have a few things in common…

  1. They have clearly defined goals (that we’ve helped them outline and identify)
  2. They have ways to measure these goals (that we measure for them on a regular basis)
  3. They consistently show up where their audience is whether it be email, social, on their website,  or with paid ads, engaging in real time (also something we do for them)
  4. They have a leader or leadership team that cares about their marketing and wants to contribute to the vision, messaging and content, giving their marketing authenticity
  5. They have a person or person(s) internally who can quickly share updates or changes with us as well as photos and insights to create real time activity

#4 and #5 are why the combination is so important.  We can do a lot at arm’s length, but having the leader and support person in place is what makes the magic happen.

The Benefits of Getting Help

Most of the clients that we work with want big picture thinking with easy-to-execute marketing strategies. A plan that will drive results without the burden of figuring it all out for themselves.

If you are thinking about bringing in an agency to help with your marketing needs, consider these 3 additional benefits your business will receive when choosing Ellen Grace Marketing:

  • Organization – We have proven frameworks, systems and tools that are customized to support you, exactly where you are.
  • Accountability – We execute and deliver the quality your business deserves, day after day, week after week with full transparency every step of the way – from content planning to analytics.
  • Strategy – Your business is unique, your customers have specific needs, and creating a strategy that works for you and them is how you drive results.

Staying One Step Ahead

I was reminded recently that the #1 reason a customer does NOT come back isn’t because they had a bad experience with your brand, but rather because a different business showed up when they needed what you offer and they bought from a competitor. That being said, having a consistent marketing strategy that ACTUALLY gets executed is important!

For help with strategy, implementation, and all of your marketing needs, reach out to Ellen Grace Marketing today!