Do you struggle with creating solid marketing plans that consistently CONNECT with your customers?

Do you wish you had time to confidently know where your business stands each month so you can effectively SCALE?

With a combined 30 years of retail background, Lyndsay and Craig have the experience to help you accelerate GROWTH.

Our two service offerings

Business Data


Marketing Strategy

We help business owners strategically grow sales and drive profitability.

BUSINESS CLARITY Marketing strategy that drives results

Create visibility and understanding of your most critical business data – Financial, Transactional and Marketing.  The insights and recommendations you receive will lead to smarter business decisions that help increase your sales & profits.


MARKETING SERVICES Custom marketing strategy for your business

If the planning and execution of your Marketing is keeping you up at night and you want someone behind the scenes showing you the way, this is for you.  Drive your brand online resulting in increased customers and sales that help your business scale.

What Clients Say

Elise GTWB

“Lyndsay was able to dive into my sales data and provide clear and helpful feedback without me having to get bogged down in unnecessary and complicated information.

We have worked on a few email campaigns to target current customers with upcoming products that may interest them. These campaigns have each been successful and drove real sales that far exceeded my investment.

Lyndsay is always easy to reach and quick to respond with a confident and concise answer. I know that I can trust her data and her advice without overthinking it (which is so valuable when you’re trying to wear all the small business hats)” – Elise Blaha Cripe , founder of Get To Work Book

Brands We've Worked With

Sugar Paper
Hatched Collective
Native Poppy
A Beautiful Mess
Oui Fresh
The Crafter’s Box
Get To Work Book
Thread Spun
Lia Leaf
The Board of Visitors