Hi, I’m Lyndsay.

I’m passionate about helping business owners grow their sales through solid marketing strategies and effective planning. In today’s world, consumers are overwhelmed with choices, and brands need to (more than ever) build authentic relationships with their customers in order to stand out.

Prior to starting this business in 2015, I worked for larger retailers (Nordstrom, Harry & David, DFS Galleria, and Leslie’s Pool Supplies). They all taught me the importance of consistently looking at your business from a numbers perspective and planning out campaigns in advance. By doing this, we make smart, strategic decisions rather than constantly reacting. As small business owners, we wear so many different hats and therefore it’s even more important to plan ahead. It’s my goal to bring this corporate way of going-to-market into the hands of smaller businesses who can truly make a difference and be impactful.

With a combination of data, consistency, and creativity, smaller businesses have the opportunity to flourish and thrive. No more winging it. No more last minute posts or neglected email lists. It’s time to have a solid plan that gets you to your goals and builds trust with your customers. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

What clients say.

client headshot chrissy stamm dental

“After being closed for 2 months for COVID-19 we needed help strategizing our Marketing efforts as we opened back up. Lyndsay helped us lay out all the moving parts in our marketing and understand how they would work together. They were able to create a roadmap which allows us to plan and execute action steps in advance that showed us the big picture.

This organization and clarity helps us improve our messaging and allows me to work on the business and with the patients I love. I could truly feel that Lyndsay cares about their clients and what is best for them, not their own bottom line.”

– Chrissy Stamm-Christian, DC at Stamm Dental Wellness

Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies

“Lyndsay transformed the way we look at our customers giving visibility and insight into key metrics that we never had before. Her analytical ability gave business owners meaningful and tangible feedback about the business and she combined that insight with her love for the customer to develop our ongoing customer connection strategy.”

– LARRY, Former CEO & Chairman of the Board Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies