10 Lead Magnets for Ecommerce and Service-Based Businesses

September 15, 2022

10 Lead Magnets for Ecommerce and Service-Based Businesses

The holidays are just around the corner – are you ready? My daughters also have their birthdays in November and December so these next few months feel especially busy. If you’ve been slacking on building your email, or just want to reengage the growing list you have, here’s 10 creative lead magnets that can be used for e-commerce and service-based businesses.

Lead Magnets for Service-Based Businesses

  1. Share a video – Video content typically does well. You can share a video of your process, the results, or a client testimonial.
  2. Share a template – You can give your readers a template, encouraging them to track or measure something over time. This could be anything from a habit tracker to a tool for recording website analytics.
  3. Create a checklist – Our brains love checklists and the feeling we get when completing tasks.
  4. Offer an assessment or quiz – Using this tool can help people better understand their problem and the potential solution your business provides.
  5. Create a guide – A well-written guide will help people get an understanding in regards to your services so they can determine if they want to purchase from you.

Lead Magnets for Ecommerce and Brick & Mortar Businesses

Brick & mortar and e-commerce businesses can utilize the lead magnets listed above, as well as some of these additional choices…

  1. Offer a coupon – You can offer a coupon for your goods or services. There aren’t many people who can resist a good deal.
  2. Offer free shipping – Shipping for free is one less thing for your buyer to worry about.
  3. Provide shopping guides – Depending on your industry, you can create a guide to encourage your reader through the sales process.
  4. Host a giveaway/contest – Giveaways and contests typically attract many readers. Giving something away adds excitement to your emails.
  5. Offer free gifts with purchase – who doesn’t want to receive something for free? Whether it is a course, a tangible item, or an experience, you can show some love to your customers by offering them a free gift with purchase.

Building Content

Now that you have a few potential lead magnets in mind, you’ll want to generate some high-quality content to keep them engaged. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you create content for your brand…

  • What are you going through right now that your audience may be too? Allergies? Back to school? Car problems? Create content that your ideal reader can relate to.
  • How do you incorporate your product into your own life, and what has it done for you? Show real-world examples of how your products or services work.
  • What have customers said about you about your product? Listen to what they are saying and create content around their “pains.”
  • If your reader and potential customer were a friend, how would you talk to them over coffee? Keeping a casual tone can help your reader feel comfortable.
  • Consider what your potential reader may be searching for and how that’s related to your product. Creating content around common searches can be a great way to build your audience.
  • Ask yourself how you can bring joy into your reader’s inbox. When creating your email, putting a smile on the reader’s face will help your message to be memorable.

Are you getting ready to send out a fourth-quarter email? Reach out to us for more information regarding lead magnets that will help people take notice.