Heating Up Your Marketing: How to Grow Your Business during the Summer Slump

May 12, 2022

Heating Up Your Marketing: How to Grow Your Business During the Summer Slump

I love marketing during the summer. While some businesses are seasonal and peak during the summer, many other businesses see a lull or summer slowdown. However, that doesn’t mean your marketing has to slow down. In fact, I think there is an opportunity for those of us whose growth cools off when the temps go up. For many businesses, it can be a chance to get ahead. Here’s how to grow your business during the summer slump.

Less Competition

It can be easy to pump the brakes and enjoy some sunshine during May, June, July, and August. And if you’re thinking that, it’s likely your competition is too. We tend to see competitors get sidetracked during these months as they too are enjoying vacations, family time, and the great outdoors. This is all the more reason to focus on your clients and customers during this time to really stand out and shine.  

Missed Opportunities to Grow Your Business

It’s easy to think that just because it’s summertime everyone is out there traveling and gallivanting around. But in reality, most people are still working. Summer vacations vary depending on your school district, and you’ll likely find that July is the only month in which the majority of kids are off. Don’t neglect your customers and clients during this time. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to show up in new ways and be there when others aren’t. Also, remember that just because people are on a break or the weather is heating up, doesn’t mean their ability to make buying decisions goes away.

More Bandwidth

If summers have been slow for you in the past, it may be the perfect opportunity to take on new projects. This is all the more reason to focus on your marketing this summer. When working with my clients over the summer months, I try to be more creative and think of new ways to position them in front of their ideal audience. For example, we can tap into their data and send out an email to their loyal customers. Or we can create collaborations or partnerships with local businesses to help their visibility and the community.

If you want to see growth for your business in the coming months, the summertime is a great time to get creative and to think outside the box.

If you need help creating a summer marketing roadmap to help you grow your business, take a look at our complimentary video training to help you get set up.