Sarah Weihman

January 27, 2022

“Lyndsay pushed our team to think about what differentiates us from our competitors and how we can communicate that with our customers. She created a clear marketing plan that emphasizes the messages we want to convey.

Her beautiful color-coded spreadsheet (printed large and hanging on the pinboard next to my desk!) lets us know what we need to do to prepare for each of the 12 weeks in the plan. With this framework, our team knows how to go about reaching out to current customers, finding new ones, and defining our brand.

Lyndsay presented a marketing strategy that we can understand and execute without marketing/PR/advertising experience. This is SO valuable for a startup. I feel so much more confident and prepared as we approach the next 3 months in business.

Lyndsay is a phenomenal listener. She took a ton of information about our business and distilled it into clear, marketable messaging. She is flexible and so easy to work with and somehow she quickly grasped the values we stand for and want to celebrate.

The result is that our plan reflects a long-term growth strategy. I can imagine that she would work well with any size or type of business and feel so fortunate that I landed in such capable and talented hands with Lyndsay!”