Pins, Tweets, Posts, and Reels: How to Determine the Social Platforms that Are Right for Your Business

March 09, 2023

Pins, Tweets, Posts, and Reels: How to Determine the Social Platforms that are Right for Your Business

Social media can be an incredibly effective tool for connecting with your audience. However, each social platform has nuances and unique features that draw different types of people with different expectations.

Getting Results From Your Social Platforms

If you’ve been spending a lot of time, energy, and money on social platforms, without seeing the results you hoped for, you may be asking yourself…

  • Which social platforms are best for my business?
  • Will simplifying my social media by using fewer platforms actually produce greater results?

To get the answers to these questions, you’ll need to refer to the data…

Analyzing Analytics

You’ll want to look at the data relative to your investments, taking into account your time, energy, and money. One place to do this is in Google Analytics.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do the results you see by platform surprise you? For example, my audience is very engaged on Instagram yet I’m surprised to see how low the traffic is to the website.
  • Do the results match the effort? For example, I spend a ton of time engaging with prospects and commenting and staying active on LinkedIn. However, this platform is driving less traffic than Facebook on a regular basis which I almost forget about.
  • What types of posts are performing the best? And is there anything you can do differently going forward?
  • Which platforms are performing the best? Which are underperforming? List them out based on your goals.

Be sure you are clear on your goals. This will help you understand exactly what you need to measure.

Choosing the Right Social Platforms

For the most part, social platforms are intended to build an audience, increase engagement, and ultimately earn your prospect’s trust in order to drive some sort of action. How you do that on each platform and the type of content you share will vary as each has its own strengths and reputation.

Finding Your Audience

While establishing your goals is super important, the most important part of choosing your social platform has nothing to do with your business. That’s right, the number one reason for choosing the social platform has everything to do with your intended audience. And while it’s true, most people have profiles on multiple social platforms, the way they use those platforms are very different. Here’s a list from Sprout Social (our preferred platform for scheduling and analyzing all of our client’s data) that shares the nuances of each of the platforms.

Don’t Forget to Show Up

Once you establish the social platforms that best fit your business, make sure that you are consistently showing up. That means proactively posting on a regular basis and engaging with your audience whenever possible. You don’t want to fall into posting and ghosting – meaning you post but never spend time on the platform listening to your audience or engaging with their content.  

Putting it All Together

If you’re looking for a strategy to support your content, here’s a great article for you to read. Ellen Grace Marketing offers quarterly marketing road maps to help you put all of this together. Reach out to us to learn more. We have a few openings each month!