7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content to Drive New Traffic to Your Website

July 13, 2021

7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content to Drive New Traffic to Your Website

As a business owner, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “content is king.” When it comes to content, creating a regular blog is one of the best things a growing business can do. A blog gives you the ability to drive traffic to your website, positioning you and your company as a thought leader. Your blog can help you build trust and grow your relationships with prospects and current customers. A well-written blog can also increase your site’s SEO, helping to rank your website higher in search results.

So how do you get the MOST out of the blogs posted on your site?

You find ways to repurpose it. Repurposing allows you to share great content without continuously stressing over creating new content. Instead of worrying about what to post, you’ll be able to spend your energy focusing on your clients and sales.

Without further ado, here are 7 ways to create pieces of new content from an existing blog.

Instagram Stories

You can take content from your blog and turn it into a multi-frame Instagram story, highlighting the best parts of your blog. Add in some eye-catching content and a link to take viewers directly to the post.

Swipe Post

Similar to a story, you can create a swipe post for Facebook or Instagram, focusing on the key parts of your blog. Encouraging viewers to swipe will help improve your engagement and post views. Use your company’s branding on your slides to increase trust, reorganization, and credibility.

Share to Linked-In

You can share your blog to Linked-In as an article, getting it in front of many professional and educated readers. This is a great avenue for those in a B2B space, helping you build your reach and credibility.

Make it Downloadable

Have you written an especially informative or tactical blog post? If the piece offers real value for your readers, you can turn it into a downloadable lead magnet. By requiring an email address, you can also encourage readers to opt-in to your email list.

Rewrite It

After a significant period of time has passed, you can rewrite the blog, spreading your message to people who may have missed it the first time around. Your content is still valid, helpful, and true, so why not reword it to reach a whole new audience?!

Turn it into a Video

You can take content from your blog and turn it into a video, shared across multiple platforms. You can get in front of the camera yourself for the greatest reach, or create something with graphics that will get your message across.

Multiple Social Media Posts

You can take quotes, stats, or bullet points, and turn any one of them into a quick and direct social media post. Every blog you write has the potential to generate multiple social media posts that can be shared on various platforms as appropriate.

Pro Tip: You can do this with any of your blogs, but take a look at your google analytics to discover which post has received the most attention, and start there.

Ready to add a regularly scheduled blog to your website that will build credibility while giving you the ability to repurpose the content? Reach out to our team to find out how we can help!