Welcome One Mill School Creatives!

This if for you if you’ve completed the One Mill School Online Marketing Course and want a custom plan to drive awareness across all your marketing channels—from social platforms to email marketing to website content and more.

Your Custom 12 Week Marketing Roadmap is $960

Imagine if . . .

  • All those marketing ideas in your creative mind were suddenly tied up in a nice little bow giving you a clear plan
  • You knew exactly when to post on social, write your blogs, and email your segments—and what they should be about

  • You could save time by batching together similar marketing tasks that actually impact sales, and say goodbye to last minute posts and emails

How it works.


Prior to our 60-minute call, you will complete a questionnaire—most of this will be from your One Mill School Online Marketing Course worksheet along with a few additional insights—so I can better understand your business. The invoice will be paid prior to our call.

Our Discussion

On our call, we will review the questions and dive into your goals and data a bit more. We will discuss key content buckets, promotions, products, customer segments, and more.

I will also gain access to your key platforms to share my insights.

A Custom Plan

The following day, you will receive a preview of the plan and have a chance to give feedback.

Then 2-3 business days later we will have our final 45-minute call to review all of your custom documents. See below for specifics on all that you will receive.

What you receive.

For a quarterly investment of $960 you receive 2 calls with Lyndsay, plus:


$2500 value

  • High-level overview of campaigns/themes for the next 3 months
  • Plans broken down into 12 weeks with specific topics for each platform by day
  • Includes all social platforms, email marketing, blog content, and any additional non-digital events such as collaborations or shows

Quick Wins

$1000 Value

  • Quarter over quarter report of your most important social platform
  • 3 – 5 recommendations for improving your marketing—social, email, or website (E.g., hashtag use, caption structure, website flow)—based on data and website experience
  • 10 days of prompts to help reset your social media

Next Steps

$500 Value

  • A walk through of how we group tasks together for our agency clients to organize and execute
  • A task list for the next 12 weeks based on your custom roadmap
  • One week of email support after documents are sent

Hi, I’m Lyndsay.

Over the years, I’ve supported the growth of independent brands such as Petra De Luna and The Crafters Box to larger brands like A Beautiful Mess and Sugar Paper with quarterly roadmaps like these.

While these businesses varied in sales volume, customer size, and follower counts, what they all had in common was a desire for a plan—a plan that would drive sales and keep them (and sometimes their small team) focused.

They recognized that while wearing all the hats in their business, the peace of mind and consistency they received with a detailed plan let them focus on the things they love.

Please reach out with any questions, I’d love to chat.



What clients say.

Elise Joy, Get to work book

“Lyndsay was able to dive into my sales data and provide clear and helpful feedback without me having to get bogged down in unnecessary and complicated information.

We worked specifically on email campaigns to target current customers with upcoming products that may interest them. These campaigns have each been successful and drove real sales that far exceeded my investment. Lyndsay is always easy to reach and quick to respond with a confident and concise answer. I know that I can trust her data and her advice without overthinking it (which is so valuable when you’re trying to wear all the small business hats).”

– Elise Joy, Owner of Get To Work Book

Natalie, Native Poppy

“I always look forward to my calls with Lyndsay both on strategy and analytics.  Our marketing is more effective marketing now and we are converting more potential customers into real clients. 

Knowing the facts is empowering! I used to have to guess what was working and how we were doing. But now, working with Ellen Grace Marketing we know where we stand as it relates to sales, marketing and our customers, which helps me not be so fearful to make decisions and can create a solid plan for the company moving forward.”

– Natalie Gill, Co-Owner of Native Poppy