marketing data

It can be easy to get overwhelmed on what to do next for your marketing and even sidetracked by all “shiny objects” out there.

Analytics not only keeps us on tract, but also helps us measure and achieve our goals. Setting up goals such as sales, customer counts, engagements rates, and average orders size, keeps us accountable and moves us closer to our long-term business dreams.

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Why do analytics matter?


Taking risks is part of running a business, but when you have free resources available to make calculated risks . . . watch out world!  Analytics makes you the expert of your business, whether you are talking to your uncle at Thanksgiving or a potential deep-pocketed investor!

Solid Foundation

As your business grows, it’s important to make sure there are no leaks.  By looking at your analytics early on and regularly, you can discover and fix potential issues before they become big problems. As with anything, a solid foundation can support more weight so you can truly scale each step of the way.

Unveil Low hanging fruit

Business ownership can be a roller coaster and sometimes we need quick wins to keep us motivated.  Maybe there’s a old blog article that is getting a ton of views and driving sales that you can resurrect, or a group of valuable customers that haven’t purchased in a while that you could reach out to, or key times that your Instagram audience is on the platform where you can maximize engagement. Analytics gives you insights to all this.